The integration of Solidworks Software has elevated our design center to a state-of-the art facility. Operating a computer-aided design center is essential in today's marketplace, saving our customers countless hours and dollars in designing costs. Additionally, our innovative design team continually utilizes Solidworks to make adjustments in order to minimize scrap waste, passing the savings directly on to our customers.


DASCO's TruLaser 1030 Fiber is a solution with key advantages. In addition to cutting standard materials such as mild stainless steel and aluminum, non-ferrous materials are processed reliably and cost effectively. The energy efficient TruDisk solid-state laser enables easy entrance into laser welding.

Expanded variety of materials:
TruDisk 3001 solid-state laser expands the material range to include titanium, copper and brass. 


Our forming and bending department is equipped with the latest technology. We utilize European-style press brake tooling for greater accuracy, longer life, and faster setup times. DASCO's three press brakes are networked to accurately store bending programs and improve efficiency of repeat jobs. DASCO utilizes the Tru-tops software package to minimize programming and setup times.


DASCO Welded Products specialzies in free-hand MIG, TIG and stick welding services. We employ a staff of highly skilled ASME certified pipe welders to meet the stringent needs of the gas and fluid industry, as well as AWS and ASME certified technicians to perform structural steel and stainless steel welding for general industrial applications. DASCO handles a wide range of components, such as pressure vessels, precision assemblies and seam welded tube. Any component, large or small, will be fabricated at the highest quality by our talented welding crew. In addition to welding other types of metals, such as aluminum, bronze, copper and super-alloy materials such as Hastelloy, we also perform resistance, spot and orbital welding as needed.
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